Minerva Pappi - Waudio Masterointi

Terms of Service

  • Waudio offers free test sample before booking mastering for single, ep or an album. This usually means 2/3 of one song and includes a tweak round before decision.
  • Mastering booking can be cancelled free of charge at any time before the invoice has been sent.
  • Mastering means personalized audio tailoring therefore there are no fixed prices. Vinyl mastering is not automatically included in the album mastering price. And instrumental / remix versions aren’t included in the single price. For the price of your project you need to contact Waudio.
  • Batcat oy / Waudio uses pre-payment. The deals with longer payment time usually concern bigger projects and major labels and are available ONLY for companies in Finland.
  • The client is always responsible for backing up original mixes and mastered files. Waudio is not responsible of storing projects after payed project is finished.
  • The client must listen through and verify all material before approving it. Waudio is not responsible for any issues that may cause tweak requests after the client has approved the mastered files. If tweaks are done at this point, it causes extra payment.
  • The money-back policy concerns only cases where the mastering engineers fails to deliver material before deadline due to illness or other such force majeure matter.
  • Mastering order includes promotion on Waudio’s website and official social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook. Usually this means visibility for the performer name and released project in form of cover photo, links and additional background text based on the info client has given and/or can publicly be found from official and respected websites. Clients always have the option to decline from the promotion and forbid the performer name to be seen on the website of Waudio.
  • Invoices are PDFs and sent via email. The necessary info we need from every client are: the name of the company and/or person, the full street address and the email address.
  • In Europe the the tax-free purchases concern companies with valid VAT number.
  • The payment methods are bank transfer, cash and Paypal.